Rental Equipment

This is a partial list of our rental inventory. Some of our more experienced items are also for sale, information is available upon request. We are constantly getting NEW GEAR to meet all your needs; this page just scratches the surface. 

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Some of what our clients are requesting the most:

Automated Fixtures

Robe MegaPointe

Solaframe 2000

Solaframe 750

Elation Dartz 360


Wireless Audio

Shure - Axient D

Shure- ULX-D

Audio Control

Yamaha CL5

Yamaha QL5

Yamaha QL1


Lighting Control

ETC Ion XE 6k

Hedgehog 4

LED Static Fixtures

ETC Series 2 LUSTR

ETC ColorSource Cyc

Elation Sixbar 1000


Battery Operated Fixtures

Full Line of FUEL lighting

Chauvet Well-Ups


Pyro & Atmospheric Effects

Sparkular COLD Spark fountain

Jem Glaciator Low Lay Fog

Froggy D6 Vertical Fogger


Other Equipment

Kabuki Curtain Drop Systems

ShowLED Star Curtain

ST25 Event Lift



SANYO PLC-XF46N 12k Projector

Christie HD10k-M

Elation HD Video Wall Panels

Nova Star Pro HD Video Processor

Short throw Projector

Panasonic 6k HD Projector

Epson G5450WU with variable lens



Ultra Short throw Projector

16' x 9' Inflatable projection screen 

10'8" x 6' Fast Fold Screen (Front or Rear Projection Screen)

Picture King 60" x 80" (100" Diagonal) Tripod Screen

9' x 12' Fast Fold Screen (Front or Rear Projection Screen)


Flat Panels

32" LED Flat Panel TV

30" Confidence Monitor

Rolling Pop up 52" Telivision

55" LED Flat Panel TV

50" LED Flat Panel TV


Atmosphere Effects

Jem Glaciator X-Stream

Base Hazer Pro

S-500 Silent Snow Machine

Little Blizzard SP

Snow Machine Tumbler @ 8'

Froggy D6 Vertical Fogger

Geyser RGB*


Pea Souper


Little Dragon Fog Machine

Bubble Blast 


Mirror Balls

Mirror Ball - 40"

Mirror Ball - 22"

Mirror Ball - 16"

Mirror Ball - 12"

Mirror Ball - 10"



Xbeam 2500

Skywriter Mercury 5W Graphics Laser 

X-Laser E-Stop

Skywriter HPX 2.5W Graphics Laser


Kabuki Drops

Chabuki - 2 Ch. Drop Mechanism

Chabuki - 6 Way Drop Controller

Kabuki 6-way Drop Controller

Kabuki Drop Mechanism



ProLaunch Confetti Cannon

X-6 Single Barrel Confetti Cannon

Constant Flow CO2 Blower



Sparkular Cold Spark Floor Unit

Sparkular 18 Channel Controller



ShowLED Chameleon Star Curtain 

Lucite Lectern

5-Panel Drum Sheild 

Truss Top Mounting 4' Pipe

Truss Top Mounting Bracket w/ 12" Pipe

Heavy Truss Base

Truss Top Mounting Bracket w/ Omega Brackets

Mega Truss Pick

Silent Steel Track 2800 @ 10'

Silent Steel Scenic Carriers

High Boy table

CM 1-ton Chain Motor

Boom Base (50lb) Rectangle

ST25 Event Lift

Versalite 4'x8' Stage Deck


Automated Fixtures

Mac Quantum Profile

Solaframe 2000

Solaframe 750

Robe MegaPointe

Elation Dartz 360

Rogue R2 Wash

Mac Aura

Mac 700 Profile*

Mac 700 Wash*


Mac 401*

Mac 301*


Lighting Control

Ion XE 6k

Ion 1K

Ion 2k*

Ion 3K

Element (60 Fader, 500 Channel)

HedgeHog 4 

Pearl 2010

ColorSource 40AV

Smartfade ML

Leprecon LP624 Light Board

Leprecon LP612 Light Board


LED Static Fixtures

Source 4 Series 2 Lustr Body 

Rush Par-2 Zoom RGBAW

ColorSource Par 

ETC ColorSource Cyc Light

ETC Desire D60

Colorblast 12 TRX*

Elation SIXBAR 500

Elation SIXBAR 1000

Paladin IP65 LED Zoom

Chroma-Q Color Force II*

Colorblaze 72*

704 Blacklight

Nitro 510 LED Strobe

Colorado 2 Zoom*


Battery Operated Fixtures

Fuel Profile "M"

Fuel Mini Wash - White

Fuel Pin Spot - White

WiFly Bar QA5 

Well Up Light

Wifly Transceiver

Chauvet WDMX Transmitter


Lighting/Data Distribution

City Theatrical - SHOWbaby 6

Pathway DMX Repeater (6-way)

ETC ColorSource Relay 

Enode 8 Pro

48 Channel 2.4k Sensor Tour Rack

24 Channel 2.4k Sensor Portable

24-way Automated Distro

12-way Automated Distro

Automated Distro 208v Dual Soco

Leprecon ULD360 - Edison

Leprecon ULD360 - Stage Pin

D20 Dimmer Module

ELAR-Driver8-12v LED Tape Driver

D2 Show DMX LED Dimmer

D4 Show DMX LED Dimmer


Lighting Accessories

Barn Doors - Source4 Par

Template Holders

Template Holder - Glass

Top Hat - S4 Par Short

Donut - 4.5"

Donut- 6.25"

Floor Mount - Aluminum - Black

Top Hat w/ Gel Extender - S4

Top Hat - S4 Par

Drop in Iris - Source4

DMX Iris (Source4) 


SmartMoves Dual Gobo Rotator

Film FX

Twin Spin Dual Gobo Rotator

7" ColorRam II Scroller *

4" ColorRam II Scroller *

7" Forerunner Scroller*


Conventional Fixtures

Source 4 Body

Lens Tubes:

5-90 Deg, and 19-50 EDLT

Source 4 Body - White

Source 4 PAR

MR16 Ministrip 6' -  3 Circuit 

Source 4 Fresnel

MR16 Mini PARs

6" Fresnels

Starklight Spot(#1271)

Atomic Strobe


DJ Lighting

RGB LED Strip Light 3'


Novascan Mirror Scanner

Quad Phase HP

Fun Factor LED

Blizzard LB Quad RGBA

Blizzard LB Quad RGBW

Ultra Bar 12


Wireless Audio

Shure - Axient D

Shure - UHF-R

Shure - ULX-D

Shure - QLX

Shure - ULX-P*

Shure - SLX*

Antenna Distribution

DPA Omnidirectional Headband Mic

E6 Countryman

B3 Lavalier  - Mutiple Colors

WH20 - Headset Mic


WL93 - Multiple Colors

WL93 - Black

WL51 - Black

WL184 Lapel Mic

WL183 Lapel Mic

WL185 Lapel Mic

Neoprene Mic Belt


Audio Control/Distribution

QL5 - 32 Channel

QL1 - 16 Channel

Midas M32

1202 VLZ3 - 12 Channel Mixer

1402 VLZ3 - 14 Channel Mixer

1604-VLZ4 - 16 Channel Mixer

Touchmix 16

Touchmix 32

LS9 - 16 Channel

DL32 Stage Box

Rio1608 Stage Box


PA Cabinets

K8.2 Powered Speaker

K10 - Powered Speaker

QSC - K10.2 2-way Active Speaker 

KLA181 Powered Subwoofer

KLA12 Powered Array Speaker

KW122 Powered Speaker

KW153 Powered Speaker

Bag End TA6000

AN-1000X Powered Monitor


DI Boxes

JDI Passive DI

Radial ProAV2

Radial ProAV1

Radial ProD2 Stereo DI


In Ears

P9Ra InEar Receiver

P9T InEar Transmitter

SE215 InEar Headphones

Helical Antenna HA-8089



D-Vote 4099 Instrument Mic




PCC 160 Boundry Mic

Neumann KM 184

MD 421



Super 55





Beta98H/C (Horn Mount)


Beta 98D (Drum Mount)

Beta 91 

Beta 52




AKG 414




RadioCom BTR800 4-Drop System

CC-601 Single Channel Belt Pack

CC-602 Dual Channel Belt Pack