Drive-In Events

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Drive-in events are quickly become a favorite option for us at MWES! Drive-ins are a great way to continue to give your group a sense of community and that feeling of having a live event.

We have two drive-in options! 

Pre-Recorded Drive-In Experience Package Includes: Inflatable Screen (multiple size options available), projector, technician, FM transmitting, set up/strike. Event video is pre-recorded (either by you or MWES or it can be a regular movie!). Best for evening experiences.

Live Performance Drive-In Experience Package can include: stage (multiple options available), FM transmitting (so that guests can stay safely in the cars, plus no need to work out seating), audio equipment, lighting (if desired), technicians, set/strike. This is great for daytime performances, graduations or awards ceremonies! The addition of lighting can make this evening ready as well!