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Drive-in performances are quickly become a favorite option for us at MWES! Drive-in performances are a great way to continue to give your students a sense of community and that feeling of having a live audience.

We have two drive-in options! 

Pre-Recorded Drive-In Experience Package Includes: Inflatable Screen (multiple size options available), projector, technician, FM transmitting, set up/strike. Dances are pre-recorded (either by you or MWES--check out our videography options here). Best for evening performances.

Live Performance Drive-In Experience Package can include: stage (multiple options available. See our selection here), FM transmitting (so that guests can stay safely in the cars, plus no need to work out seating), audio equipment, lighting (if desired), technicians, set/strike. This is great for a daytime performance! The addition of lighting can make this evening performance ready as well! 

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