Stage Rentals

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As a dancer, there's nothing better than being able to perform on a stage with a live audience. At MWES, we couldn't agree more! 

We offer many options to help you find the right outdoor stage for your studio.

Most popular stage sizes:

  • 16x20 - great for less than 10 dancers on stage, dances without a lot of traveling choreography
  • 16x32 - great for approx. 10 dancers, or solos, duets, trios, etc. with a lot of movement
  • 24x32 - better for approx. 10-12 dancers, dances with choreography that moves across the whole stage
  • 24x40 - better for approx 10-15 dancers, dances with expansive choreography that travels throughout the space
  • 40x40 - best for larger groups, dancers who are used to performing on larger auditorium stages

*We can configure any stage size in 4ft by 8ft increments. 


What's important to know is that all stages aren't created equal. Take a quick look at our blog post to understand why our stages are different and worth the investment for your company.